Thursday, May 20, 2010

Puppets You Can Buy - Give a Handmade Gift That's Also Loads of Fun!

Here is a collection of photos of the lovely hand/mouth puppets I have for sale. Each is unique. Please consider a puppet for your next child's/niece's/nephew's/friends birthday present. Kids between 3 and 12 seem to love them the most. Buy handmade and local! Thank you!

Easiest way is to email me: and request what you want and I can send an invoice through paypal or give you bank details for direct deposit. Cash on delivery is also fine.
Feel free to make special requests. I like them :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Couple More Characters

Here is another teddy I made. You can buy him if you like him. $39AUD. Plus postage if necessary. Just send me an email! Or you can order one in different colours or size. I love  making custom orders.

And here is one of my standard puppets.. This particular one is sold but you can order them however you like them! These cost $49AUD plus postage. Have a look at the website (click the picture in the left margin) to get to the online shop. Or simply order by email.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hot Chocolate in Progress!

A special HELLO to everyone who is looking at this after taking a card at the MORNINGTON RACECOURSE CRAFT MARKET last sunday!

I started making teddies just a few months ago after talking to my late Pop on the phone who told me that they have been and still are the most popular toy since their invention. I was making puppets at the time but he gave me the idea and so I borrowed a few books on teddy making.

My next teddy bear project is made from the left over scraps of the lovely French-made fur called 'Hot Chocolate' that I used to re-upholster my papasan chair. It is sooooo soft. My bears have been getting better and better and I now draw up the pattern for them freehand and they turn out good. I string joint them for a classic looking bear. This one has been on the backburner for a couple of months but I must finish him soon.
Here is the process photos.
Line up all the pattern pieces in line with the direction of the fur!

This is what is left of the fur after the cutting out. Along with heaps and heaps of furry furry mess that gets up your nose.

The useful bits.

All the separate parts sewn and stuffed.

Bears head, trial ear placement.

Probably what he will look like when sewn all together.

You will just have to wait to see how the face turns out. That is always the hardest and last bit!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Process in Pictures

A series of pictures that shows the puppet from conception to completion in major stages.
 I forgot to photograph him when he was still a bit of plain yellow fleece with a drawn keyhole and hands and legs. So this is already after completing the legs and feet and hands.

Body completed.

Face started. Mouth inserted. He starts to come alive and have a character of his own once the eyes go on.

Gave him some hair and then I actually cut it and styled it with a side parting... Sometimes I really need ot use hairspray or something to keep the hair just so!

All done bar the shouting (and laughing and whooping and saying, "Oh! I know someone who looks just like that!"). The only other thing I did was add an arm rod for controlling and because the legs get in the way I tie the other arm with a secret string so it looks sort of like its not dead.
Fun, fun, FUN!

Now to finish my lovely simple marionettes for the market... I only have one day.... I'm sure it'll be fine!

Monday, May 3, 2010

New Puppets.

Here is a few pictures of the latest puppets I have come up with. I really like the red hair dude. I'm not sure I want to put him up for sale. He has a strong character all of his own somehow.

And the crazy professor man I made for my nephew's birthday. Like the rest of us, he fell in love with the very first puppet of this kind that I ever made. Which I will not give away! So this is one that resembles him but with all the improvements added.

Market coming up this Sunday, 9th May at Mornington Racecourse. Come and see me!